10/21/2015 02:21 EDT | Updated 10/21/2015 11:59 EDT

Pierre Trudeau And Justin Trudeau, What The Heck Were They Doing? (PHOTOS)

Pierre and Justin's most head-scratching moments.


Back in the 1970s, then-prime minister Pierre Trudeau was known for his quick wit, charm and charisma. Unlike many politicians before and after him, he had no fear of hamming it up for the camera and making people smile. However, sometimes those candid moments made for rather, um, bewildering pictures.

Fast forward 30-odd years and his son, prime minister-designate Justin Trudeau seems to have inherited his father's flair for the dramatic.

Noticing their similarities, we just couldn't resist a father-son mash-up of "What the heck were you doing" photos.

See for yourself.

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