25 Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired By Popular TV Shows

This year, Cookie Lyon is definitely on top of our list.

From new juicy dramas like "Empire" to hit classics like "Dexter," TV has already done so much to entertain us. So this year, going with a Halloween costume inspired by your favourite show is the perfect way to celebrate all things TV.

There have been several TV-inspired Halloween "wins" in the past, including dressing up as the cast of "Orange is the New Black," to the meth-making duo of "Breaking Bad" (which we've included in the slideshow below). But this year, with so many other new shows on the roster, it's going to be great to see what clever minds on social media come up with.

Below, we rounded up 25 of our favourite TV costume ideas that range from easy DIY costumes, last-minute masterpieces and get-ups people have been rocking for years. Which favourite show (or character) did we miss? Let us know in the comments below:

TV Halloween Costume Ideas