10/22/2015 19:08 EDT | Updated 10/22/2016 01:12 EDT

Alan Kurdi's aunt says changes to refugee rules too late to save her nephews

VANCOUVER — The aunt of the young Syrian boy whose lifeless body was photographed on a Mediterranean beach says government officials have invited her to make another refugee application for one of her brothers and his family.

Tima Kurdi's application to bring her brother Mohammed and his family to Canada was rejected because it didn't have the necessary paperwork.

She says the government is no longer asking for the difficult-to-obtain United Nations documents needed to satisfy Canadian requirements to qualify as a refugee.

But Kurdi says the changes come too late to save the wife and two children of her other brother, Abdullah, who drowned while making the treacherous water crossing from Turkey to Greece.

The tragic image of Abdullah's dead son, Alan, focused international attention on the refugee crisis and became a heated topic of debate during the federal election campaign.

Tima Kurdi says she hopes prime minister-designate Justin Trudeau will intervene to assist in allowing Abdullah to come to Canada.

The Canadian Press