10/22/2015 07:51 EDT | Updated 10/22/2015 07:59 EDT

Canada's Election Gets Batty Taiwanese Animation Treatment

Seventy-eight crazy days summarized in an under two minutes of insane animation.

What just happened. That’s the takeaway after watching Taiwanese animators’ summary of Canada’s 78-day election blitz.

The video uploaded to YouTube Sunday, touches on a series of controversies that shook the Conservative camp including the reported hiring of strategist Lynton Crosby, use of the niqab as a wedge issue, and leader Stephen Harper’s “desperate” appeal to Ford Nation.

Of course, the traditional moose and hockey stereotypes make their obligatory appearances, too.

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May is included as well — albeit as a character covering her ears while the three major party leaders clash pipelines.

All it that seems to be missing is a cameo from Donald Trump.

In the end, that “what just happened” reaction would be the same one Canadians experienced across the country Monday after Justin Trudeau’s Liberals won a new majority government, unseating Harper’s Conservatives from power.

Watch Next Media Animation TV’s crazy video above.

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