10/22/2015 14:45 EDT | Updated 10/22/2016 01:12 EDT

Charest says he's not interested in seeking Conservative leadership

SHERBROOKE, , Que. — Former Progressive Conservative leader Jean Charest is ruling himself out of the race to succeed Stephen Harper as head of the Tories.

Charest, 57, tells Radio-Canada he is happy with his new life and his job as a lawyer at McCarthy Tetrault.

The ex-Quebec premier made the comments in an email sent from Paris, where he is on business before heading to Asia.

Charest was elected to the Commons in 1984 under Brian Mulroney's Progressive Conservatives before becoming leader in 1993 after he and Elsie Wayne were the party's only elected members in that year's vote.

He jumped to Quebec politics in 1998 as leader of the Liberal party before being elected premier in 2003.

Charest held the post for nine years and quit public life in 2012 after the Parti Quebecois defeated the Liberals.


The Canadian Press