Your Cheese Addiction Is Real

Forget the crackers, all we want is cheese.

There's a reason you can't stop eating and craving cheese, and it's not just because of the way it tastes.

Dr. Neal Barnard, author of the "21-Day Weight Loss Kickstart" and founder of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, says cheese is essentially "dairy crack". According to Barnard, our brains are wired to read casomorphins, which are derived from the milk protein casein, as an addictive substance, reports Thrillist.

And it's not just the casomorphins that are to blame. Cheese is also rich in salt and fat, which are flavours our bodies are already programmed to crave.

Research published in the journal Society for the Study of Addiction also supports Barnard's findings, noting that while there are differences between foods and addictive drugs, the effects of foods on behaviour and health should not be ignored.

So maybe it's time to re-think that mac and cheese-stuffed grilled cheese? After all, Canada's Food Guide says you should only be eating 50 grams of cheese in one seating. So if you can resist, do it!

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