10/22/2015 12:36 EDT

The Internet Thinks Justin Trudeau Looks Like A Lot Of People

Some of them are so "True-deau."

On Oct. 19, Justin Trudeau's Liberals won a majority government, making him Canada's next prime minister, and causing the Internet to go wild.

Not only are social media users swooning over our soon-to-be PM, but they also think he resembles some famous faces.

While some of them are a little bit of a stretch (i.e. Finn Wittrock), others are really quite True-deau.

Behold, the many people the Internet believes Justin Trudeau looks like:

1. Harry Styles

JT's hair = Harry Styles' hair.

2. Diego Bometa from '90210'


3. Disney princes

They think he's ~so dreamy~.

4. Finn Wittrock from "American Horror Story"


5. The Statue of David

No comment yet from David on what he thinks.

6. Max Medina from "Gilmore Girls"

Maybe Max's second cousin.

7. Liam Neeson

That gaze though...

And of course, let us not forget the most obvious comparison: his dad, Pierre:

But when it comes down to it: Justin Trudeau's got a style all his own:

And Canada approves.

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