10/22/2015 15:58 EDT | Updated 10/22/2016 01:12 EDT

Maine congressional leaders say Canadian paper subsidies hurt state's industry

WASHINGTON — Three U.S. lawmakers, including Maine's two U.S. senators, say Canadian subsidies are hurting Maine's paper industry.

They testified Thursday at a U.S. International Trade Commission hearing on whether subsidies given to the Port Hawkesbury Paper mill in Nova Scotia and Resolute Forest Products mills in Quebec have harmed Maine's paper industry.

The investigation focuses on supercalendered paper, which is used in magazines, catalogues and directories.

The lawmakers are Senators Susan Collins and Angus King as well as Rep. Bruce Poliquin. They support duties imposed on paper produced by Port Hawkesbury and Resolute.

But they also want a separate, expedited investigation of two other Canadian paper makers that are subject to duties: J.D. Irving and Catalyst. They fear duties on Irving and Catalyst paper could trickle down into Maine, where Catalyst operates a mill in Jay and Irving owns sawmills and timberland.



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