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Miranda Kerr On The Beauty Of Living A Balanced Life

“I try not to always think what is next, I try to live in the moment and enjoy what today is bringing.”

Style icon, top model, muse and beauty heroine -- they are all the elements that make Miranda Kerr the multifaceted woman she has become today.

When we think about Kerr, we think of the obvious: an angelic beauty who has taken the fashion and beauty industry by storm. She began her career at the age of 13 in her native Australia where she won a modelling competition through a national magazine. But it wasn't until she received her wings from Victoria's Secret in 2007 that the model became a household name.

But it's the simple and gracious side of Kerr that has been revealed by Swarovski, the Austrian manufactures behind some of the world's most iconic crystals and gemstones. Recently, the 32-year-old beauty launched her very first jewelry line with the company and it speaks of the philanthropist's emotional and meaningful character.

The road to becoming a designer with Swarovski was a surprising one for Miranda. During a press conference, a discussion about the stunning jewelry company’s design team was brought up. It was revealed that even though the team was made up of creative minds from all corners of the world, no one from Australia was represented. Taking action, the Aussie model, who has been the face of the brand since 2013, raised her hand to take on the job and the rest is history.

From the get-go, Kerr had a distinct vision of what she wanted to construct. “I created mood boards,” the Sydney born model told us. Covering all the bases, Kerr knew she wanted to design pieces for big for occasion, pieces you could wear alone and simply pieces you could layer. "Each piece has both rose gold and silver intermixed with beautiful Swarovski crystals," the sixth highest paid model of 2015 says. But one of the most important matters in the designing process for Kerr was to create a positive meaning for the wearer.

For the author of two self-help books ("Treasure Yourself" and "Empower Yourself"), the ideas of joy, protection, spirit, love, luck and grace found residence within the collection and each became a charm. "Each symbol is an inspired reminder of beauty and positivity," she explains. For the supermodel, her favourite piece from her collection is the Evil Eye bracelet, which stands for protection and gives a wish to "live with confidence." "I just feel a special connection with it," she tells us, "When I look at it I feel a sense of positivity."

To expand on her collaboration with Swarovski, we asked Kerr to share a few tips on how to achieve a balanced life like the model herself:

1) Take Inspiration From Everyday Experiences

From walking through her garden to travelling and experiencing different cultures on the other side of the world, the businesswoman takes inspiration from all elements of life. But her biggest inspiration? "The power of positive energy."

2) Try Not To Always Think What Is Next

"I try to live in the moment and enjoy what today is bringing… otherwise you can get so caught up that you can overlook how fortunate you are."

3) Health Is Wealth

"It’s important to pay attention to what you put into your body and to look after yourself on a cellular and physical level -- eating well, choosing organic when possible, nurturing yourself -- mind, body and spirit, and doing some form of regular exercise you enjoy all contribute to maintaining healthy happy lifestyle."

4) Eat Well And Be Active

From yoga to ballet, swimming to hiking, exercise keeps the mother of one balanced, focused and centered. "It also helps me manage stress and increases my energy levels. The way I feel when I am fit and healthy is my motivation to maintain it. It’s important to me as a mother, wife and businesswoman to be on top of my game and be able to give my best."

5) Be Detail-Orientated

For a few of the Swarovski campaign's creative elements, Kerr worked alongside Australian blogger phenomena, Margaret Zhang. Miranda told us working with the incredible talent was inspiring. "She has a wonderful creative eye and she is also very detailed orientated -- a trait we both share! It was wonderful to see her interpretation of the brand come to life."

6) Live A Chemical Free Life

From a young age, Kerr has been passionate about living an organic life. This path inspired her to create her own certified organic skincare line, KORA Organics. "I developed KORA Organics on 
the values of making a difference to people’s skin and giving them a healthier alternative to conventional brands on the market that are full of unnecessary and irritating chemicals. All of my products are formulated to assist in the nutrition, hydration and healing of skin," she tells us.

And what was it like for Miranda to move from face of Swarovski to designer? "It’s been such a wonderful partnership and journey, I feel we share very similar values so I feel it’s a very authentic and rewarding relationship."

The collection is now available at Swarovski boutiques across Canada. Prices range from $79 to $345.

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