10/22/2015 14:53 EDT | Updated 10/22/2016 01:12 EDT

Wayne Gretzky brings No. 99 Collection to Toronto's fashion runway

TORONTO — More than three decades after his rookie season in the NHL, Wayne Gretzky is poised for another major debut — this time on the runway.

The Great One is coming to the catwalk on Thursday night as the No. 99 Wayne Gretzky Collection stages its inaugural show at Toronto's World MasterCard Fashion Week.

Gretzky developed the menswear line through an exclusive partnership with Sears Canada.

The Hockey Hall of Famer said that being at ease is essential when it comes to his style choices, and admitted he isn't one to push the fashion envelope.

"I think I'm not as flashy as some other professional athletes might be," Gretzky said in an interview Thursday at Sears Canada's Toronto offices prior to the show.

"I'm more of a basic person as far as blacks and blues and browns sort of go. I think the most important thing we all want to come across when you're dressed is to be comfortable yet stylish. Most importantly, for the regular person coast to coast, you want it to be affordable."

Gretzky described his wardrobe staples as "pretty much like everybody else," pointing to his own black V-neck sweater and leather jacket, and citing khakis and jeans as style essentials.

"You still look sharp but yet you're comfortable and that's what people want to have day-to-day."

The father of five has received the stylish seal of approval from eldest sons Trevor and Ty.

"I will tell you this: my two older boys who are 23 and 24 years old love the clothes," said Gretzky. 

"They're wearing the clothes which is a cool sign, because my kids are very fashion-conscious, especially being in L.A. and around the L.A. scene and growing up there.

"If they're not comfortable with it and they didn't like it they wouldn't wear it, because they see Wayne Gretzky every day — that doesn't entice them. So, they actually really enjoy the clothing which is a good sign that we're off to a really good start."


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Lauren La Rose, The Canadian Press