10/23/2015 09:17 EDT | Updated 10/23/2016 01:12 EDT

Dr. Bob Rishiraj Suspended, Fined For Severely Injuring Patient

Dr. Bobby Rishiraj was not approved to provide deep sedation at his private practice in Kamloops.

Kamloops Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Center

VANCOUVER — A dentist from Kamloops, B.C., who improperly sedated a young woman, leaving her with a severe brain injury, has been ordered by a disciplinary panel to pay more than $100,000.

The College of Dental Surgeons of B.C. ruled this summer that Dr. Bobby Rishiraj did not recognize his patient, identified only as HZ, was in cardiac arrest and so delayed resuscitating her in November 2012.

HZ was deeply sedated to have her wisdom teeth removed, even though Rishiraj was approved only to provide moderate sedation at his private practice.

A college disciplinary panel has reprimanded Rishiraj, suspended him for three months and ordered him to pay the hefty fine and take an ethics course.

The panel says in its ruling that the 52-year-old dentist has lost business and is facing a potentially large and uninsured civil lawsuit against him.

It says the conditions Rishiraj must operate under will ensure he runs his practice according to college guidelines.

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