10/23/2015 10:19 EDT | Updated 10/23/2016 05:12 EDT

Justin Trudeau Won't Move In To 24 Sussex, Says Margaret Trudeau

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TORONTO, ON- MARCH 9 - Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau speaks at the Royal York Hotel about 'Liberty in a culturally diverse society.' while addressing the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada in the Canadian Room at the Royal York Hotel in Toronto. March 9, 2015. (Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images)
Justin Trudeau won't immediately be moving his family into 24 Sussex Drive, his mother Margaret Trudeau said on Friday.

Margaret Trudeau was being interviewed by Information Morning in Fredericton and was asked about her feelings about her son moving into the official residence of the prime minister.

"No, they're not," said Margaret Trudeau.

"Twenty-four Sussex is in need — has been in need since I was there 40 years ago — of major infrastructure repair, and it simply hasn't been done," she said.

"They'll live somewhere else while — not decor, not fancy stuff — just plumbing and roofs and all the things that keep a house standing [are repaired]," she said.

An auditor general's report in 2008 said urgent repairs were needed to 24 Sussex Drive, which was Justin Trudeau's childhood home when his father Pierre Elliot Trudeau was prime minister.

In the 2008 auditor general's report, the National Capital Commission said the home hadn't had major renovations in 50 years and needed $10 million of work.

It was stated the occupants would have to move out of the stone mansion for 12 to 15 months.

The prime minister's office responded in 2008 that Stephen Harper had no intention of moving out of the official residence until his term is up.

The report found the windows, plumbing, electrical systems, heating and air conditioning at 24 Sussex Drive are all in poor to critical condition.

The home also has no fire sprinklers and contains asbestos, which has been linked to disease, including lung cancer.

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