10/23/2015 08:19 EDT | Updated 10/23/2016 01:12 EDT

Two-year hiatus: Alberta brings back board to run day-to-day health care

EDMONTON — The day-to-day running of health care in Alberta is going back to a board of directors, but Health Minister Sarah Hoffman says the buck still stops with her.

Hoffman has announced that the new six-member board will be chaired by Linda Hughes, a former University of Alberta chancellor and one-time publisher of the Edmonton Journal.

The board will run Alberta Health Services, which is the agency that carries out health policy set by Hoffman.

The last board was eliminated by then-health minister Fred Horne in 2013 after it refused his demand to withhold legally contracted bonus pay for health executives.

The Progressive Conservative government was also criticized for deflecting scandals by making the board the scapegoat, but Hoffman says that will not be the case on her watch.

She says the board has been told to keep a centralized organizational structure and to set a high bar on any plans to increase privatized care.