10/22/2015 21:25 EDT | Updated 10/22/2016 01:12 EDT

Typo on tag for Halloween costume in Winnipeg leads to accusations of racism

WINNIPEG — The owners of a Winnipeg shop that sells used clothing for children says a tag on a Halloween costume that sparked accusations of racism was the result of a typographical error.

The tag on a toddler costume of traditional indigenous dress read "rubbies."

A photo of the tag ended up being shared on Facebook more than 1,400 times.

Rachel Lyons, one of those who shared the post, says she was shocked, saying that rubbies is a derogatory term for someone who drinks a lot, including rubbing alcohol.

Store shop owner Dave Dunlop says the line of costumes is called Rubie's and someone at head office in Minneapolis misspelled it as "rubbies" on the label.

He says the tag was on a full line of costumes, not just the indigenous one, and says those tags have been removed and the costume in question will no longer be sold.

At least one aboriginal leader opposes the idea of selling aboriginal costumes at all.

“Our culture is not a costume… when our people wear it, it's out of respect and to honour our culture,” said MKO Grand Chief Sheila North Wilson.

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