Westboro Baptist Church Picket Jays Game, Getting Everyone On The Bandwagon

"I'm only depraved if we don't win."

An alleged ban in Canada didn't stop the Westboro Baptist Church from taking their hateful message to the Toronto Blue Jays.

The Topeka, Ka.-based church tweeted on Friday that it would picket the Jays when they play the Kansas City Royals "in our backyard" on Friday.

"We wish to express our appreciation to the Kansas City Royals for arranging another opportunity for us to preach to the depraved Canadians," the Church said in a Thursday news release.

That's pretty insulting to Kansas City, Westboro.

They hosted a baseball game because they earned their way to a playoff series against the Jays, not so you could spread hate.

The church went on to say Canadian law states anyone who preaches Biblical words "about that depraved conduct known as sodomy can be civilly fined or criminally jailed."

Later that night, the group's Twitter account displayed a few tweets showing a protest.

"True to form, the government of Canada has also banned Westboro Baptist Church from so much as entering that evil place," it said.

The Westboro Baptist Church has become notorious for its hateful pickets, in which they hold up signs with slogans such as, "God Hates F**s" and "Same-Sex Marriage Dooms Nations."

Church members have, indeed, been prevented from entering Canada.

In 2008, he federal government moved to block church members who intended to cross the border and picket the funeral for the victim of a Greyhound bus beheading in 2008, CTV News reported.

But they're also known for sparking counter-protests that have managed to upstage the pickets themselves.

In 2008, the church announced plans to protest a Vancouver staging of the play "The Laramie Project," which tells the story of a murdered gay student, The Georgia Straight reported.

Local activists responded with a counter-protest.

And earlier this year, the Foo Fighters stole their thunder by Rick-Rolling them outside a Kansas City concert hall.

Now, as then, the church has done nothing but rally people against them — and this time, on to the Jays' bandwagon.


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