10/24/2015 01:59 EDT | Updated 10/24/2016 05:12 EDT

CJ Fowler's Mother Forgives The Man Who Murdered Her Pregnant Daughter

Her body was found under a cement block in a ravine near Kamloops in December 2012.


CJ Fowler's mother says she finally has closure after a jury delivered a guilty verdict in the murder of her daughter in Kamloops.

The body of Fowler, also known as Summer Star Elizabeth Krista-Lee Fowler, of the Gitanmaax First Nation Band near Terrace, was found under a cement block in a ravine near Kamloops in December 2012.

Damien Taylor was convicted last week of the second degree murder of the 16-year-old pregnant teen. 

The crime carries a life sentence. The judge will determine his parole eligibility at a later date.

"I forgive him and everyone will find that weird, but i forgive him, it`s the only way to keep going right?" said Fowler. It's been nearly three years since the body of her daughter turned up in Guerin Creek in Kamloops. 

Road to recovery

Matilda Fowler and her son Dustin are now heading back home to Prince George to focus on her health.

"I will be going back home and I will be thinking of her," she said. 

Fowler was diagnosed with cervical cancer before her daughter's death, but was unable to get treatment because she had to attend the trial. 

"The day she was found, I was supposed to start my first radiation," said Fowler. 

Fowler recalls the words of encouragement from her daughter before she was killed. 

"You can overcome cancer. It's just another thing on your list, you can overcome. You're a strong woman," she said. 

"That's what made me carry on," said Fowler. 

If her cancer doesn't come back within a year, Fowler will be cancer-free. 


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