Fox Sports Shows Royals vs. Mets World Series Graphic Accidentally On ALCS Game 6 Broadcast

The game ain't over til it's over. Unless you're Fox Sports.

The game ain't over til it's over. Unless you tuned into Fox Sports TV broadcast of ALCS game six at the bottom of the seventh inning.

That's when the sports giant aired a prematurely definitive graphic promoting Game 1 of the World Series:


— Blue Jays Live (@Blue_Jays_Live) October 24, 2015

The problem was, it was the bottom of the 7th inning in the faceoff between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Kansas City Royals, and, although the Jays were trailing 3 - 1, the game wasn't even close to over.

Naturally, Jays fans were NOT amused:

Fox Sports is not doing a good job convincing people they're not biased. That's a shame. #Bluejays#Jays#NotDoneYet#ALCS

— Mike Wilner (@Wilnerness590) October 24, 2015

A few fans predicted justice would be served for the premature Jays dismissal:

And then, as if by magic, Jose Bautista tied up the game in the top of the 8th inning with a two-run homer.

Fox Sports, on the other hand, quickly backpeddled during its broadcast, with the commentator saying the broadcaster had accidentally aired the graphic.

Viewers were like:

Much to the chagrin of fans, Fox Sports' graphic turned out to be accurate, with Kansas City taking the game over the Jays 4-3, eliminating Toronto from the post-season.

But what a season.

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