Toronto Blue Jays Fans Come Together To Thank Team For The Season

It wasn't the ending they hoped for, but the fans kept it classy.

It wasn't the ending they hoped for, but the fans are still in love with their team.

After the Toronto Blue Jays fell to the Kansas City Royals Friday night 4-3 in the ALCS game six, eliminating Toronto from the MLB post-season, the team's fans kept it classy and rallied immediately online to offer support to the players, using the #ComeTogether hashtag that has been the fan mantra:

#bluejays gave us a great season. #cometogether - we came close and put up a good fight. Congrats to players and team for splendid year !

— Bob Rae (@BobRae48) October 24, 2015

We'll always have the bat flip #ComeTogether#BlueJays

— Shane Dingman (@shanedingman) October 24, 2015

Jays' Russell Martin also had praise for teammate Jose Bautista, who tied up the score 3-3 on Friday with a two-run homer that kept the team in the game:

And in spite of the disappointment the team must have felt, Josh Donaldson capped off the season by looking ahead:

Guaranteed the fans will be right there with you every step of the way, Jays.

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