10/26/2015 11:04 EDT

Sam And Nia Announce New Pregnancy Following Online Hiatus

YouTube stars Sam and Nia Rader have returned to vlogging and have some exciting news to share. The couple is expecting again!

The announcement comes just two months after the Texas couple revealed on YouTube that they had suffered a miscarriage.

On Friday, Sam and Nia uploaded a new clip to their YouTube channel announcing their latest pregnancy. “We feel beyond blessed that God has given us another baby so soon after suffering a miscarriage,” they wrote in the caption. “I think our moms were just as thankful.”

In the six-minute clip, Sam pulls the classic “bun in the oven” trick to announce the baby news to his mom and mother-in-law.

Watch the video above to see the family’s reaction.

The Raders first gained fame in August when their initial pregnancy announcement went viral with over 15 million views. In the clip, Sam surprised his wife with the baby news after he stole some of her urine to take a pregnancy test.

Unfortunately, three days later, the couple revealed they had suffered a miscarriage. The Texas couple then received backlash from viewers who accused the pair of faking the pregnancy just to gain video views. It was then reported that the couple was thrown out of a Vlogger Fair conference in Seattle for “threatening violence” against an attendee who criticized the family’s method of grieving.

While an early miscarriage can occur within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, Sam told People that they don’t regret making the early announcement. “We believe life begins at conception and we believe it's to be celebrated right away,” the 29-year-old father said. “We don't believe it's something to be hidden ... we were excited right away and we wanted to share that with our fans.”

Sam and Nia are currently expecting their third child together. While they just learned the news “a couple weeks ago,” they estimate that Nia is eight weeks pregnant.

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