10/26/2015 06:16 EDT | Updated 10/26/2015 08:59 EDT

Halifax Dairy Queen Creates Stephen Harper 'Sorry For Your Loss' Cake

Well, DQ did something different, that’s for sure.

An ice cream cake featuring an edible photo of outgoing Prime Minister Stephen Harper drummed up some laughs on Twitter, shortly after his election defeat.

Sandwiched between the words "Sorry for your loss" in red icing, the politically flavoured dessert was spotted at one of the chain’s Halifax locations.

CBC News managed to get a picture of the cake last week before it sold out.

A tweet which prompted the inevitable joke:

A worker at the Fairview neighbourhood store confirmed to the The Huffington Post Canada that the dessert is no Internet ruse, and did at one time exist in real life.

The manager of the franchise declined to comment.

But when it comes to hot eats and cool treats, Harper’s preference is for the former, according to an article from 2011. His wife Laureen revealed his penchant for spicy foods in an interview with The Canadian Press.

The hotter the better,” she said of her husband’s palate.

On Oct. 19, Harper’s Conservatives were unseated from office in an election upset by the Liberals, who won a majority government.

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