10/27/2015 05:30 EDT | Updated 10/27/2015 05:59 EDT

DIY Halloween Costumes For You And Your BFF (PHOTOS)

Because Halloween is way more fun in pairs!

Halloween is literally days away, which means it's crunch time to find a costume.

Rather than go for a store-bought option, why not try a DIY Halloween costume instead? It'll allow for far more creativity and will ensure that no one will be wearing the same thing as you are.

To make the DIY aspect easier, try teaming up with your bestie for a joint costume idea. Not only will it be a fun project for the two of you to tackle, but it's also great for Instagram (and Snapchat!) opps.

Check out our favourite DIY Halloween costume ideas for you and your BFF below!

Pumpkin Spice Lattes

Blair Waldorf And Serena van der Woodsen


A photo posted by Aimee Song (@songofstyle) on

Cher and Dionne From "Clueless"

A photo posted by B! (@bbriskin) on

Dancing Girl Emojis

Spongebob And Patrick

Harry Potter And Draco Malfoy

Ash And Pikachu

Beer Pong

A photo posted by caraorr (@caraorr) on

The Grady Twins From "The Shining"

A photo posted by Manon Salmon (@manon_s) on

Walt And Jesse From "Breaking Bad"

A photo posted by CJ Mitchell (@ceejaym) on

Romy And Michelle

Alex And Piper From "Orange Is The New Black

Daria And Jane

White And Black Swan

A photo posted by taghrid (@taghrid) on

Wayne And Garth From "Wayne's World"


Cruella de Vil And A Dalmation

Guess Who

A photo posted by Brianna (@brigors18) on

Gumball Machine And Quarter

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