Weightlifting Tips For Beginners And Why Women Need To Lift

And no, lifting won't make you bulk up.

Going to the gym can be intimidating for beginners leading to endless hours on cardio machines instead of working with weights.

If you're looking to burn fat, blast calories, tone up and get stronger, you should really consider working out with weights too. In the video above, fitness expert Erin Sharoni explains that lifting weights makes muscles denser, tighter, stronger and more durable, which forces your body to burn fat to maintain the muscle.

Oh, and speaking of muscles, lifting weights will only make muscles leaner and stronger, so you can stop saying you don't lift because you don't want to bulk up.

But knowing the benefits of lifting weights and knowing what to do with them are two very different things. If you're just starting out, try some of the kettlebell exercises in the slideshow below, or ask a gym buddy or trainer to show you the ropes.

Do you lift weights? Share your fitness tips in the comments below.

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