10/28/2015 05:25 EDT | Updated 10/30/2015 02:59 EDT

Fox News Gets Dads To Comment On Girls Wearing Leggings


Fox News isn't known for its nuanced opinions, so when they decided to air a segment on girls' leggings, we knew it could get ugly.

On Tuesday, "Fox & Friends" host Steve Doocy brought on an "esteemed panel of fathers," including "Duck Dynasty's" Willie Robertson, Fox News legal analyst Arthur Aidala and Andrew Sansone (husband of Fox News' Julie Banderas) to discuss whether or not they would allow their daughters to wear leggings to school. The on-air discussion was prompted by a recent viral video from a women in Tennessee who rants that "leggings ain't pants."

"Are you comfortable with the women in your life parading in public in leggings?" Doocy asks the all-male round table.

Enter the male gaze and a whole lot of sexism.

Three models wearing leggings and hoodies come out for viewing. Paige, the final "contestant," comes on set wearing workout gear (runners, a tank top that hits the waist and of course, leggings), and Aidala says, "God bless you, you've worked out, you've earned that," in regards to her body. Robertson says, "I'd like a photo."

Watch the rest of the "UGH" inducing video above.

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