10/28/2015 10:53 EDT | Updated 10/28/2015 10:59 EDT

Moschino Accused Of Food-Shaming With New T-Shirts

Cosmopolitan is calling out Moschino for food-shaming women.

In a recent online post, the magazine criticizes the luxury brand's Moschino Gym T-shirts for making women feel guilty about eating.

Two of the tees in question show how much exercise is required to work off ice cream and a burger (30 minutes of jump rope and 45 minutes of running, respectively), while another says in giant letters "100% FAT FREE."

moschino food shaming

"If only there were a T-shirt that expressed just how much you love to hate yourself. Something to remind you, and anyone around you, that every calorie is a choice," writes the article's author, Charles Manning. "Well, thanks to Moschino, there is! And not just one T-shirt, but three! Yay!"

He continues, "Now, for a mere $130, you can wear your food issues and your skinny jeans at the same time."

And truth be told, for a fashion line that based a whole collection on McDonald's, it seems a bit bizarre to be shaming women for eating.

We say, big fashion faux-pas.

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