15 Photo Wall Ideas To Enhance Your Space

Now you can have a gallery of your own.

Photo albums may have taken a back seat to Instagram pages, but photo walls aren't going anywhere.

In the video above by InStyle, we learn how to make a gorgeous gallery wall. All you need is painters' tape, craft paper, scissors, wire, a hammer, measuring tape, nails, a pencil and a level.

Whether you choose to follow a grid pattern, or something a little less uniform, expert Katherine Schwarzenegger (yes, that Schwarzenegger) says the key to making an attractive gallery wall is to offset large photos to avoid creating a true focal point. Off-centered images will force your eyes to look at all the pictures and art instead of landing on one image.

Watch the video to learn Schwarzenegger's technique for creating the perfect gallery wall without the fuss. And check out the slideshow below for 15 stunning photo wall designs you can steal for your own home.

Photo Wall Ideas