10/28/2015 17:01 EDT | Updated 10/28/2016 01:12 EDT

Police, helicopter, dog unit follow suspects through southern B.C.

RICHMOND, B.C. — It was an escape attempt worthy of an action movie, complete with the ramming of a police vehicle and a 200-kilometre pursuit through southwestern B.C. 

Five people face a long list of charges after RCMP followed a driver through numerous jurisdictions and three vehicle changes. 

The police pursuit of a stolen vehicle began in Richmond, where two officers were uninjured after their vehicle was struck.

Police forces, then a helicopter and the dog service joined the pursuit as several occupants in a vehicle travelled through the Lower Mainland and the Fraser Valley and almost reached Manning Park.

Three men and two women, ranging in age from 20 to 31, were arrested and police say they face charges connected to break and enters, possession of stolen property and mail theft.

Police say they recovered two stolen vehicles, credit cards, cheques, identification, mail, computer equipment and a credit-card skimmer and are working with Canada Post in the investigation.



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