10/29/2015 02:25 EDT | Updated 10/29/2016 05:12 EDT

Halloween Weather Should Be Dry, Mild For Most Of Canada

Children in Halloween costumes
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Children in Halloween costumes
Good news, trick-or-treaters — there's nothing terribly scary about this year's Halloween forecast.

The Weather Network says wet or blustery conditions may pop up in some parts of the country, but Halloween night will be free from the sort of volatile weather so common at this time of year.

Chief Meteorologist Chris Scott says only Labrador can expect unseasonably cold temperatures, with Atlantic Canada and Quebec being slightly below seasonal norms.

Light showers will move across much of Ontario throughout the day, but less activity is expected in the evening.

Scott says temperatures should be a bit milder than usual across the Prairies and British Columbia, but that doesn't necessarily mean the kids will stay dry.

He predicts wet weather is expected in much of B.C., but says it's possible the rain will clear up on time for Halloween festivities.

"This time of year we can get volatile weather across the country and storms that can be very impactful," Scott said in a telephone interview. "Compared to some Halloweens, we really don't have any major storms that would cause cancellations or any weather that's going to dramatically effect kids going out for Halloween."

Scott said current forecasts can't guarantee that rainy areas will be dry when trick-or-treaters come out to play, but said no region is expected to receive any significant amount of precipitation.

The respite will be particularly welcome for Ontario, which absorbed the remnants of Hurricane Patricia three days before Halloween. Environment Canada said at least 40 millimetres of rain were expected to fall across much of the province as Patricia petered out.

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