10/29/2015 07:05 EDT | Updated 10/28/2016 05:12 EDT

Jamie Oliver Announces First North American Restaurant, Gives Justin Trudeau Advice

Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver visited Toronto Wednesday to promote his new book and restaurant, but he had a message for Canada's prime minister-designate, Justin Trudeau. 

"He's a fit man, right? He's a boxer. So I think it would be amazing to see a big brave bold prime minister in an important country leading the way in child health. Really amazing," said Oliver during a sit down interview at the Canadian Broadcasting Centre. 

Oliver told CBC News he wants Trudeau to review soft drink labels in Canada, saying the amount of sugar should be measured in teaspoons, not ounces, so parents can visualize how much sugar their children are taking in. 

"The whole of Canada will be behind him, putting teaspoons on the front of sugary, sweetened drinks," said Oliver. 

"That will give parents better clarity. And it's not saying don't drink it, it's not anti-business, it's just saying we're giving you clarity."

Oliver set to open Toronto restaurant

Oliver was also in Toronto Wednesday to promote his new book Everyday SuperFood.

He announced that his restaurant chain, Jamie's Italian, will open a location at Toronto's Yorkdale shopping centre.

"I've worked in Canada for about 15 years. And I really like working here."

"I think Canada and Britain are on a sort of very multicultural, sort of open minded, love of food," said Oliver.

The restaurant is set to open this December. 

It will be Oliver's first North American restaurant location. 

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