10/29/2015 12:31 EDT | Updated 10/29/2015 12:59 EDT

Justin Bieber's Radio Interview In Spain Was Well Worth Leaving

Justin Bieber is currently on what's being called his "apology" tour, charming the world with chart-topping songs and appearing, for an intents and purposes, like a man who no longer hits paparazzi or drives drunk.

And for the most part, it's working, even if some interviewers are still intent on finding his bad boy persona.

Take, for example, this interview with radio hosts at "yu: No te pierdas nada" (loose translation: "Do not miss anything") in Madrid. The show starts off well, with the hosts asking questions about his most recent single, "Sorry" (apparently the last off the upcoming album) and being generally genial.

But they quickly start speaking almost exclusively in Spanish, which, judging from Bieber's expression, is not a language he knows.

The situation quickly escalates, with the hosts asking if he dresses himself, according to PopSugar, eventually springing a "break the Internet" scheme on Bieber with European YouTube stars. At that point, Bieber has had enough, and simply gets up and walks out of the interview without another word.

And sure, there's plenty lost in translation, including a line of questioning that involves asking the now-21-year-old how much he's enjoying drinking in Europe even though he could have been doing so since he was 18 there (hello, the legal age in Canada, where he's from, is 19, plus he's travelled pretty extensively over the past 10 years or so). And Bieber shooting back an equally ignorant "you guys still go to the disco here?" doesn't help matters.

Frankly, we're not sure we would have reacted much differently, especially considering he wasn't feeling well (as he later tweeted).

So tell us, what do you think — did Bieber have a right to leave that interview? What do you think he should have done?

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