10/29/2015 03:17 EDT | Updated 10/29/2015 03:59 EDT

The Legging Colours You Should Never Ever Wear

Leggings 101 is now in session.

"Leggings ain't pants."

Whether you agree or disagree with that statement, leggings are a hot topic of discussion as of late (we're looking at you, Fox News). This is because fall is in full swing and you know what that means? It's leggings and sweater weather. After all, autumn wholeheartedly embraces oversize tunics and knit sweaters paired with a good ol' pair of leggings.

In the video above, Monica Richards of ModaMob walks you through the biggest no-nos when it comes to rocking a pair of leggings this fall, and it mostly has to do with the colour you're wearing.

Here are the shades you need to avoid:

1. White

White is always a magnet for dirt and spills. And because of it's colour, white can often display any skin imperfections on your legs. And unlike its contrasting colour, black, white isn't always flattering.

2. Light Grey

By all means, keep those dark greys in your drawer. But when it comes to light grey, those leggings need to go. Grey is an exposing colour that just waits for a disaster to happen.

3. Any Hue That Is The Same As Your Natural Skin Colour

THIS IS SO IMPORTANT. Do not buy any colour that looks relatively like your natural skin. This will just lead to you looking like you have no pants on. And that is not okay.

But by all means, keep rocking those black and leather leggings.

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