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Maple Ridge Teachers Missing Blinds Told To Use Cardboard In An Emergency

"It just demonstrates how under funded we are."

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KENNEBUNK, ME - JUNE 3: Electrical wires hang between portable classrooms at Kennebunk High School. The portables were designed to be used for 18 months during the last school renovation but are still in use over 20 years later. Voters in Kennebunk, Kennebunkport and Arundel will vote on Tuesday on whether or not to approve a 56.5 million bond for renovations at Kennebunk High School, Consolidated School in Kennebunkport and Mildred L. Day School in Arundel. (Photo by Gregory Rec/Portland Press Herald via Getty Images)

Teachers at a Maple Ridge high school say they've been told to keep cardboard handy, to cover the windows of their portable classrooms if there is an emergency — because the school forgot to order blinds.

NDP MLA Selina Robinson says it's just another sign of how deprived school classrooms across the province have become.

"It just demonstrates how under funded we are," said Robinson. "In this case, when you don't have blinds, you are going to run and find the cardboard, tack it over the window so a potential intruder cannot see inside the classroom? I don't think that is how we should be keeping our teachers safe."

Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows School District spokesperson Irena Pochop says the district is aware of the problem, and that the situation is temporary.

"The cardboard has been put up as a temporary measure while the school works with facilities to allocate funds and install the blinds," Pochop said. "We expect the issue to be resolved and the blinds to be installed in a couple of weeks."

Education Minister Mike Bernier said he wasn't aware of the Maple Ridge case but has been meeting with the local school baord.

"Obviously they have worked on their facilities plans of some of the changes and improvements and I am waiting to review that."

That plan is due back to the ministry by Nov. 2.

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