10/30/2015 02:57 EDT | Updated 10/30/2015 02:59 EDT

10 Best Horror Movies Of All Time

Halloween night is the perfect night to cuddle up with some junk food and watch a creepy movie (preferably not alone).

In the video above by Hitflix, the site counts down the top 10 classic horror movies of all time. From "The Shining," to "Halloween," to "Night of the Living Dead," one thing you can appreciate about this list is that the movies are all considered horror classics, even if they don't scare you today like they probably did when you we're a kid.

This year, beyond watching classics, we also suggest browsing through Netflix or looking up some foreign language films (the original "The Ring," and "Grudge" are terrifying in Japanese).

Watch the video above and let us know, which horror movie is your all time favourite?

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