10/30/2015 05:07 EDT | Updated 11/02/2015 11:59 EST

'Chili Powder Guy' Is The Weirdest Radio Caller We've Heard Yet

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The radio call-in show can be the source of some pretty weird stuff.

Freelance radio producer Imogen Birchard noted one such call on Twitter Friday.

The unidentified man called in to the talkback line of CBC's "As It Happens," where listeners can leave messages about topics covered by the current events show.

"Chili powder guy" then waxed semi-coherently about the merits of "No Name Brand Chili Powder" for about a minute.

No transcript can really do this justice. And it's only 66 seconds long. So just listen and laugh.

We really hope this guy didn't operate any heavy machinery after making this phone call.


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