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This Is What It Takes To Be A Model, According To An '80s Video Starring Denise Richards

Found Footage Fest

Ever wonder what it took to be a model in the '80s?

Well, the Found Footage Festival has the answer.

We recently came across a video on our Facebook newsfeeds featuring a young Denise Richards, Tiffani-Amber Theissen, Mario Lopez and other '80s models demonstrating the proper way to model for catalogues and commercials. Featuring high-cut bikinis, big, sexy hair and lots of aerobics garb, the video features a hilarious montage of clips from different VHS how-to guides found at vintage video stores.

The clip opens with Richards asking, "Have you ever thought about being in commercials? Or being a model in ads and catalogs?" The video then goes on to cover everything from holding a perfume bottle to make it look glamorous, to mouthing vowels for the perfect facial expression.

Watch the video below, and prepare for some serious LOLs.

80s Modeling Compilation

Learn how to be a model from super cheesy how-to VHS tapes from the 80s, brilliantly compiled by Found Footage Festival. (

Posted by Hint Fashion Magazine on Monday, August 24, 2015

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