10/31/2015 01:25 EDT | Updated 10/31/2015 01:59 EDT

Canada's Best Brands 2016, According To Canadian Business Magazine

Fun fact: only one of the major telecoms is on the list.

Most of the time, businesses are assessed by things like revenue, profits and stock performance.

But the average Canadian doesn't really care about how well the shares of [insert company name here] are doing.

Thankfully, Canadian Business has compiled a list of the Top 25 most influential brands in the country, "ranked by the only metric that matters — the respect of average Canadians."

To be considered for inclusion, "a brand must have originated in Canada, have a broad consumer profile and have a significant presence in two or more regions across the country."

You can see the the list here, along with Canadian Business' insight for each company's success.

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