10/31/2015 09:28 EDT | Updated 10/31/2016 05:12 EDT

Daylight Saving Time 2015: Most Canadians To Turn Their Clocks Back This Weekend

TORONTO — This is the weekend a lot of sleep-deprived Canadians get an extra hour of shuteye as most of the country switches from daylight saving time to standard time.

Before going to bed Saturday night, turn your clocks and watches back one hour.

Some parts of Canada don't observe the time change, including almost all of Saskatchewan, which is on central standard time year-round.

Other places the time change doesn't apply include the northeastern corner of British Columbia, the town of Creston in B-C's East Kootenays, three northwestern Ontario communities located in the Central Time Zone, the eastern reaches of Quebec's North Shore, and Southampton Island in Nunavut.

For the rest of Canada, daylight saving time returns Mar. 13.


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