11/01/2015 11:58 EST | Updated 11/02/2015 01:59 EST

Fran Lebowitz, Cultural Satirist, Shares Her Inspiring Story On MAKERS

"It was horrible to be a girl then," legendary cultural satirist Fran Lebowitz says of growing up in the 1950s. "I got used to the idea of injustice at a very young age."

In her interview with MAKERS, Lebowitz's says her parents took no interest in her dream of becoming a writer.

"Since they assumed I would get married, it didn't matter," she explains. "It was beneath their level of concern."

Nevertheless, Lebowitz's confidence and determination never wavered. She would be hired by Andy Warhol as a columnist for Interview magazine when she was 21.

Watch Lebowitz's interview with MAKERS above to learn how she landed the job, why she doesn't allow her writing to be edited, and her latest career goal.

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