11/02/2015 07:50 EST | Updated 11/02/2016 05:12 EDT

Alex Anthopoulos Offered New Gig At Toronto Restaurant

Former Blue Jays General Manager Alex Anthopoulos has been offered a job with … Sneaky Dee's?

The well-known downtown restaurant and concert venue issued a news release Monday offering Anthopoulos its general manager position.

"Anthopoulos will have final say in all major day-to-day decisions including menu, venue booking, and personnel," the College and Bathurst restaurant's statement said.

Would he dare trade the restaurant's famous cheap nachos?

Toronto baseball fans have been up in arms since Anthopoulos opted to walk away from the Blue Jays following the team's playoff run, mainly because of the arrival of new team President Mark Shapiro.

Anthopoulos was responsible for the big trades that led to the Jays' late-season surge, including the acquisition of David Price, Troy Tulowitzki and Ben Revere. The GM also managed to get Josh Donaldson — the best hitter in the American League this season — from the Oakland Athletics last summer.

So, after six seasons with the Blue Jays will Anthopoulos make the transition to cheap beer and indie rock?

Probably not.

Though, Sneaky Dee's said there will be some sport involved.

"Anthopoulos will also have full control over the restaurant's recreational softball team roster, which went 6-4 in their recreational league during the 2015 season," the statement said.

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