11/02/2015 04:59 EST

5 Beauty Benefits From Halloween Candy

It's time to get chocolate wasted!

Listen up, friends! All that Halloween candy your child/little sibling/cousin, etc. walked miles and miles for on a cold night this past Saturday? Yeah, it's time to steal it all. Why? Because those tasty little treats are said to have a bunch of beauty benefits.

Skeptical? Well, in the video above, Monica Richards of ModaMob reveals that there are indeed benefits to downing a bag of skittles. She highlights four of our favourite Halloween treats and the surprising beauty aids linked to each of them them.

So to all you beauty junkies who have a sweet tooth out there, you might want to stock up on the following candy:

1.The Antioxidants of Skittles

Yes, your skin and nails will taste the rainbow from Skittles. It is said that the colourful candy is packed with vitamin C and antioxidants, which will make your skin glow and your nails strong.

2. The Wrinkle Fighting Effects Of Peppermints

According to ModaMob, pepperment oil contains an incredible amount of antioxidants (more than cereals, fruits and vegetables, which we kind of think is questionable). This in turn will help reduce wrinkles and fight sun damage. Bring on the candy!

3. The Bacteria Fighting Benefits Of Pay Day Chocolate Bars

Chocolate and peanut goodness can help you achieve glowing skin? Sign us up! Pay Day's are jam packed with vitamin E, zinc and magnesium from peanuts which is said to help skin from within. The sweet treat also has a bacteria which assists in fending off acne.

4. The Sunburn Protection Of Dark Chocolate

Going on a vacation to the sunny beaches of the Caribbean? Don't forget to pack your sunscreen and dark chocolate. Yup, Richards tell us that the flavanols of dark chocolate has been clinically proven to help protect your skin from sunburn, redness and UV damage.

5. The Cell Renewal Aspect Of Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate -- the gift that keeps on giving. Copper, zinc and iron, all found in chocolate, helps promote cell renewal, which is fantastic for achieving shiny, lush hair.

And there you have it. Go on and get chocolate wasted!

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