11/02/2015 01:12 EST | Updated 11/02/2015 03:59 EST

Problems Only Hockey Parents Understand

For hockey moms and dads, the struggle is real.


If you live in Canada, either your child plays hockey or one of their friends do. The sport is woven in the very fabric of our DNA and gets many of us through those long, dark winters. But being a hockey family isn't all guts and glory. It comes with its own set of problems.

1. When the hockey bag is as big as your kid.

She could fit in that bag! #hockeygirl #hockeyproblems

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2. Trying to dry the hockey kit.

When you have training in the morning, emergency drying solutions come out #icehockey #hockeyproblems #hockey

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3. Penalty mood.

Someone got his first penalty this morning... #hockeyproblems

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4. When they don't feel like practicing.

5. Broken equipment... ka-ching!

When a 6'2" 220 lb 13 year old falls on your stick. #hockeyproblems

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6. Trying to stay warm in the stands.

Hot outside cold inside...#hockeyproblems

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7. Trying to eat with a hockey helmet on.

Doritos challenged #hockeyproblems

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8. Getting up for early morning practice.

9. Then trying to stay awake.

10. Saying good-bye to a social life.

And he wouldn't change it....#hockeyproblems #hockey #hockeyplayer #hockeylife #hockeyboy @penselite71

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11. Seeing your kid get injured... sniff.

My poor baby , his hockey boo boo . #hockeyproblems#gooseegg#poorboy#shouldwearhockeyhelmet

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i hate Mondays! great way to start the hockey season with a broken wrist 😩😩 #hockeyproblems #monkeybarssux

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12. Puck accidents.

hit a major milestone today. #hockeyproblems @smithzd42

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13. When your kid wants to be a goalie.

JJ decided to try out the goalie gear #youthhockey #hockeyproblems

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14. Getting the gear on.

15. The stench that takes over your house.

The house smells like shit #hockeyproblems

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16. Getting your kid to do each one of these.

17. Waiting for your kid to hit the ice.

But we wouldn't change a thing.

Because the wait is long for the game we love.

Waiting for the season to start. #HockeyProblems #summertime

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Oh how I missed you hockey !! #hockeyproblems #missedu #backatit #girls #hockey #player #blonde #warrior #uhs

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