11/02/2015 13:31 EST | Updated 11/02/2016 01:12 EDT

Man pleads not guilty in threats case at Dalhousie University in Halifax

HALIFAX — A medical student at Dalhousie University who allegedly told his psychiatrist he had thoughts of shooting up to 20 people before killing himself has pleaded not guilty to four charges in the case.

Defence lawyer Stan MacDonald entered the pleas on behalf of Stephen Gregory Tynes, who was not in court today in Halifax.

MacDonald says his client has also elected trial before a provincial court judge alone.

The 30-year-old Tynes faces two counts of uttering threats to cause bodily harm and one count of engaging in threatening conduct.

He is also charged with unauthorized possession of a prohibited device in relation to an overcapacity cartridge magazine.

A tentative trial date has been set for June 6.

A police search warrant alleges Tynes also told his psychiatrist he was going to stab the associate dean of undergraduate medical education at Dalhousie as well as her daughter.

The Canadian Press