Online Maternity Canada: 9 'Non-Maternity' Pieces That Will Take You Post-Baby

For all you busy pregnant mamas... these are available online!

A lot of women feel less than beautiful while pregnant. The first time around, I was one of them -- but not because I was gaining weight faster than Morgan Spurlock on his McDiet. It was because I felt hopelessly left out of fashion with my ruched T-shirts and kangaroo-pouch pants. (What was I trying to hide?!?)

The second time around, however, I wised up and opted for either regular clothes in accommodating cuts or "non-maternity" maternity wear that could work post-baby as well. If you're a mama-to-be who's feeling less than inspired when it comes to dressing your "bump," read on for some fall pieces that'll have you feeling fabulous!

9 'Non-Maternity' Pieces That Will Take You Post-Baby