Quebec City Grocery Store Hands Out Bipolar Meds Instead Of Candy

One mom wants answers after her daughter chewed and spat out the drugs.

One Quebec mother is upset after her daughter ended up popping some bipolar medication instead of candy.

Isabelle Lefrançois told the Le Soleil newspaper that nine-year-old Lili-Rose chewed and spat out the prescription drugs, which were handed out by mistake at a Metro grocery store in Quebec City on Friday.

A poison control centre told Lefrançois that girl wasn't in any danger because she didn't swallow the medication, but the mom is still looking for answers.

Quebec City police said Saturday that the pills had been accidentally mixed into a candy basket after a customer at the store’s pharmacy dropped the medication on her way out, according to CBC.

Seven pills, each in their own blister package, were handed out to trick-or-treating kids that stopped by the store.

Police said that the medicine can have minor side effects, such as trembling, nausea, and drowsiness.

This isn’t the only scary thing that trick-or-treaters were given this year. Two children in Ontario were handed chocolate bars that had razor blades inside, according to Niagara police.

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