Ikea 'Other Letter': Retailer Shows Parents What Kids Really Want For Christmas

The answers will surprise you.

With the excitement of Santa and presents at Christmas, it can be easy to forget what the holiday season is really about – spending quality time with family.

In a video by Ikea Spain, 10 families are asked to participate in an experiment to reveal what kids really want for Christmas. Entitled “The Other Letter,” children aged four to nine are asked to write a note to the Three Kings (Spain’s equivalent of Santa) stating what they want for Christmas. Naturally, the kids ask for all sorts of toys.

Then, the children are asked to write a second letter to their parents. “What would you ask your parents for this Christmas?” they’re asked.

Watch the video above to see the surprising (and heartwarming) answers the kids gave.

Although the clip is from 2014, it recently began making the rounds again. With now over 2.4 million views, the video has certainly pulled at viewers’ heartstrings.

“Society has covered us with materialistic desires and we forget that the greatest gift is to know that there's someone out there that cares about you,” one viewer wrote.

Another reflected: “We often lose sight of things and how precious our time is with our children, especially when they are young. It doesn't mean going out places all of the time or spending money, it could be as simple as reading a story together. I’m going to get mine to write their lists tonight. Thank you for posting.”

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