11/04/2015 03:43 EST | Updated 11/04/2015 03:59 EST

Subway Worker Scrawled ‘Help' In Condiments While Locked In Fridge

One desperate restaurant worker in the U.K. turned to condiments to try and escape what is likely many people’s worst nightmare.

Karlee Daubeney, an employee at a Subway in Gloucester was working the closing shift on her own last December when she became trapped in the store’s fridge, according to the Gloucester Citizen.

The 20 year old told the outlet that she panicked. She tried writing "help" with condiments on pieces of cardboard and sliding them underneath the door in hopes that CCTV operators would take notice.

She wasn’t freed until a co-worker came in eight hours later, around 7:30 a.m.

"It got to the stage I was so cold I didn't have the energy to bang on the door and I only had leggings and a Subway top on,” she said.

The store’s franchisee, C.M. Ventures Ltd., admitted to breaching health and safety guidelines in connection with the incident, according to the BBC.

A court heard that workers had told the manager the fridge's interior door handle wasn’t working, but it still was not fixed.

The company has now been fined roughly CAD$8000 and ordered to pay about CAD$4200 in court costs.

According to the Citizen, doctors told Daubeney she came close to catching hypothermia. She also had trouble walking for a few days.

To make things worse, she said that she was asked to work the next day.

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