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Canadagram: Cococakeland


Got a sweet tooth? You're going to love this week's photographer. We're featuring Vancouver's @CocoCakeLand. Here she is in her own words:

I'm Lyndsay - a cake baker, blogger and mama to a 3 year old boy, from Vancouver, BC. I'm also currently going through treatment for breast cancer, hence the pic — my first day of chemo (and admittedly the only semi-recent pic of me on my IG — taken before I lost my hair, which is currently growing back after a four month stint as a baldy).

What do you love taking photos of?

Pretty and delicious-looking things I can later cram into my mouth. — @CocoaCakeLand

What's your favourite Instagram tip?

My favourite IG tip is don't forget about the caption. There are some fans who just scroll quickly and double tap like their thumbs are about to fall off, and there are other people who crave a more genuine or even entertaining experience — I've found that being myself and sharing both the good and the bad days has helped me connect even more with my audience. A joke or two in a caption doesn't hurt either. — @CocoaCakeLand

How did you get started with photography?

I started with photography with a course in black and white film and darkroom techniques, using my Pentax ME Super, 15 years ago. Then I took some photo classes while at art school in Vancouver. Now I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark II but many of my photos on IG are shot with my iPhone. — @Cocoacakeland

Throwback Thursday - pick a photo you love from your archives

This hilariously stunned Totoro cake I designed — cute and simple, and I like the colourful scattering of papery bits above his head... — @Cocoacakeland #TBT

#FollowFriday — which Instagrammers do you love and who inspires you to take better photos?

I like photos that are a little artfully messy. I like Instagrammers who feel genuine to me, and maybe a little bit funny, with good writing, and there are some people I follow who I just love their work...

This woman's cakes are so artful and original: @the_bakemonger

Cliff's cakes are so sculptural, and they remind me of layered paintings, plus he captures his cakes beautifully in photographs: @cakesbycliff

This gal's pics make me laugh with their bizarro sense of humour: @mundane_matters

Of course my cake sister Kat with her wholly original, rainbow-blasted creations, whose cake style is currently replicated everywhere: @katherine_sabbath

For healthy gorgeous recipes and lovely writing, my friend Renee has been inspiring me lately to eat well: @frolicchocolate

And for recipes that are doable, delicious looking and photos that are drippy steamy crunchy drool worthy: @iamafoodblog

— @cocoacakeland

Are you working on any projects?

Before my Instagram there was, and still is, my blog — — which is jammed with bright and colourful photographs and cake tutorials, recipes and writing. Upcoming projects include my cake book, which will come out on @roostbooks. I'm looking forward to starting work on it again after several months of cancer treatment. — @cocoacakeland

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