11/05/2015 04:30 EST | Updated 11/17/2015 12:59 EST

Helping With Housework Can Lead To More (And Better) Sex

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Couple sorting laundry together

If you think helping out around the home will help you score some brownie points with your spouse, you would be right.

A new study published in the Journal of Family Psychology suggests that splitting chores can lead to more, and better, sex for heterosexual men.

But cutting the grass once a week doesn't have the same effect as washing the dishes every other night. According to the study, when male partners reported making a "fair contribution" to housework, the couple said they had sex more frequently, and they said they were more sexually satisfied a year later.

The study, which was conducted by professors at the University of Alberta, challenges a similar study from 2013, which suggested that men who took on chores that are typically seen as feminine in nature, like sweeping or doing the dishes, tended to have less sex compared to men who took on chores that are seen as more masculine, like taking out the trash and making repairs, Medical News Today reports.

Professor Matt Johnson, who lead the University of Alberta study, wrote in his paper that "a division of household labor perceived to be fair ensures that partners feel respected while carrying out the tasks of daily life." Johnson goes on to say that for many couples, knowing that your partner is pulling their weight around the home helps curb anger and bitterness, allowing for more opportunity and desire for intimacy.

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