11/05/2015 04:21 EST | Updated 11/05/2015 05:59 EST

Justin Trudeau Holding Babies: Our New PM Really, Really Loves Kids


It's no secret baby kissing is an excellent photo-op for campaigning politicians. During the 2015 federal election, we saw Stephen Harper and Thomas Mulcair trying out this tactic.

However, no one beat Justin Trudeau's baby holding marathon. Our new PM set a whole new quota for politicians.

He looked completely comfortable with every baby.

And they really liked him, too.

Well, except this kid.

And this one doesn't seem too sure.

It helps that he has three kids of his own — his youngest, Hadrien, isn't even two yet. And Trudeau has no fear with his offspring.

He even has baby tricks.

Of course, holding a baby cropped up in Trudeau's acceptance speech.

Now that he won the election, will he still hold babies? Apparently he doesn't have a choice. During his first day as prime minister on Wednesday, the crowd went out of their way to pass him a baby.

Don't worry, the baby safely landed in his arms.

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