11/05/2015 04:35 EST | Updated 11/05/2015 04:59 EST

Rachel Notley Says Entrepreneurs Can Unlock Wealth For Alberta's Economy

Jeff McIntosh/The Canadian Press

EDMONTON — Premier Rachel Notley says entrepreneurism is the key to Alberta's economic revival, adding that one never knows where another Silicon Valley will spring up.

Notley made the comments today in a state of the province speech to almost 2,000 people at an Edmonton Chamber of Commerce event.

Notley told the audience that paradigm-altering innovations can come from unexpected places.

She says tech giants like Apple and Google got their start in garages, and that oilsands technology unlocked billions of dollars in wealth for Alberta.

Her government is undertaking numerous initiatives to diversify Alberta's oil-based economy.

But opposition critics have said Notley is ignoring economic fundamentals to recovery by hiking corporate and personal income taxes and looking at boosting oil royalties.

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