11/06/2015 05:34 EST | Updated 11/11/2015 03:59 EST

8-Year-Old Girl Donates Her Hair In Memory Of Her Grandfather

"I was sad because my grandpa died and I was crying and I want to make someone happier."

Nicole Campagna is an eight-year-old girl with a heart of gold.

The elementary school student is cutting off her hair in memory of her grandfather and great-uncle who both passed away after battling cancer.

Campagna teamed up with Pantene and their "Beautiful Lengths" campaign where people can donate either eight inches of their hair to help create real-hair wigs for cancer patients, or $8 to help fund cancer research.

"I was sad because my grandpa died and I was crying and I want to make someone happier," Campagna told HuffPost Canada.

The cut comes just in time for National Donate Your Hair Day on Nov. 7th. The annual day of giving encourages Canadians to participate in the Beautiful Lengths campaign to help women battling cancer. The real-hair wigs created from these donations are distributed to women undergoing cancer treatment through the Canadian Cancer Society at no cost.

And for those of you who are nervous to make the chop, take some advice from Nicole: "If you want to donate your hair don't be scared, it can regrow again."

Watch the video above to learn more.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article incorrectly stipulated that Nicole Campagna's uncle had passed out from cancer, when it was in fact her great-uncle. This version has been updated.

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